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(Interest of orthopedic and soft tissue surgery and also member of AOVG, WSAVA, Trainee for soft tissue surgery MSAVA)

His name is Anak Agung Ngurah Gede Dwina Wisesa. We simply call him as Dr. Esa. He is a hard worker and so carming. He graduated from udayana university. He went to internship program at Companion Animal Surgery Singapore. He has so many experience in domestic and international program, seminar or workshop about veterinary medicine. He went to Jakarta , singapore , malaysia and Thailand. He went to all of that country, most of it to study soft tissue surgery and orthopedics surgery. Yes, his interesting is SURGERY. he is one of our best surgery. When your pet needs to get surgery , he is the one u have to find.

Beside his skill of vet medicine. His hobby is singing , diving and surfing. He is a smily person and love animals. So dont worry, because your pet will handle by the one who always transfer the positif energy.

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