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Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet) Bali provide sterilisation prosedur with under general anesthesia and proper analgesia to ensure that your pets are free for pain. Benefit of sterilisation include population control, lowering the risks of contracting mammary cancer and also pyometra disease.

For more information, please contact our reception (0361) 701 408

“Healthy Pet is Healthy You” Yes it is.

We Believe your pet has very strong connection with your life. Prevent with vaccination and give a discipline for deworming will make your pet healthy.

For more information, please contact our reception (0361) 701 408

If Your Pet is Our Member, routine check up every 3 month is necessary. Always keep your pet healthy. Bali Area specially south Bali Area is endemic with Tick borne disease or blood parasite. Those disease is related to tick invasion. Make sure your pet free from all external parasite.

For more information, please contact our reception (0361) 701 408

K-Vet Bali provide a International microchip standart for your pet as identity and also its related with our membership program. Of Course, Many Benefit you can find if your pet become our member,

For more information, please Contact our reception (0361) 701 408

We Realize that your can become a sick anytime and need emergency vet care. That a reason why we have to open 24 hours with 6 prior veterinarian, we believe we can do our best for your companion.

For emergency call directly contact us on 0811 399 3630

Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet) Bali has acquired a manual x-ray with 100ma and also with automatic film processing. Our clinic is save for radiation because we use pB in our radiography room.

We realized that psychical examination will not enough to make a diagnostic, than in house laboratory support is necessary. We Have our own in-house laboratory that enables us to perform hematology (Blood Count & Analysis) and blood Chemistry such as Liver Indicator, Kidney indicator event pancreas and Heart.

We Can perform all Standart surgery specially for common problem in Tropical Area. With International Sertificate training, our surgeon will help your pet to solve their problem.

We Can do a soft tissue surgery and Orthopedic such as laparotomy diagnostic, enterotomy, enterectomy, pin and plate installation even cosmetic surgery like TECA (total ear canal ablation), skin flapping, etc.

For More information, please make reservation on (0361) 701 408

We have a great team doctor for internal medicine. There is 5 Doctors concent for internal medicine with different interest. With ESAVS (European School for Advance Veterinary Studies) Sertificate and trainable in Internal Medicine and Feline medicine, we are confident will give you a better advices for your companion.

We Also provide for skin treatment specially with tradiotional and modern skin treatment. We also affiliate with DNA Animal Clinic (one of best dermatology clinic in Indonesia localized in Bogor) for sharing and protocol for skin diagnostic.

We can Do Scraping Skin test, Tape smear, Trichogram test, inprint cytology, Biopsi for Histopatology and Fungus Culture.

For more information, please make an appointment (0361) 701 408

By appointment only

In some cases, cancer surgery can be very radical, frequently requiring excision of tumours with large margins that might require complicated reconstructive surgery to attain a adequate closure. In other cases, removal of vital organs might be necessary. At Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet), we are able to provide you with expertise in the oncological field. We also provide the chemotherapy protocols for treatment of canine and feline cancers.

Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet) Bali has two veterinarians trained in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine which is until now still on program, and Both of them can give use different path to support your pet’s health like food therapy and basic acupuncture for your pet.

Appointments must be made in advance for TCVM or other alternative veteinary therapies. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We Provide for regular skin maintenance and treatment like a human. We Use Herbal Neem oil and Shampoo For maintenance their skin. With neem therapeutic massage oil provide a touch to bond with your dog while nurturing their skin & Coat with soothing Aromatic ingredients to improve circulation and skin cells regeneration. Also we Provide special shampoo for fungus and tick.

For More Information, please contact our reception for reservation (0361) 701 408

Tick Borne Disease is endemic in tropical area including Bali. The number of cases that we found is more than 20 cases/ month. Also, the tools to identified for the antigen its really hard. Many test kit provide only for the antibody which is not really specific and sensitive. 99% specific and sensitivity is only can be answer by PCR. Very Modern technology to diagnostic many disease.

In K-Vet Bali we Provide for Babesia and E. Canis test for PCR. Those diseases is a really common in Bali and some cases make high mortality (fatal Death).This machine also can provide as indicator after treatment, is that dogs already cure for Blood parasite? The answer is must find the parasit by DNA. That is means PCR test.

For more information, please contact our reception (0361) 701408

Dental scaling is needed to remove calculus and plaque from supragingival toots surfaces. Our prosuder in dental scaling is under general anesthetesia.

What is benefit for your pets?
An: you are helping your pet specially a dogs, not felling painful chewing, bad breath and tooth loss. Also, the bacteria under gum is easy travel to kidney, heart and liver.

For more information or get special offer please contact our reception (0361) 701408

Dogs, Cats, and other animals is same like human, it will possible develop illnesses such asthma, pneumonia or other respiratory conditions that requires inhaled medication. Cough and hard breathe is common clinical finding which is the owner is easy to notice. Typically the most effective way to treat these condition is through nebulizer treatment. Nebulizer also less side effect, so its really safe for yor pets

Pet is a life creature, they are breathe to inhale an oxygen and exhale the carbondioxide, if somethings happen in respiratory trach which is decrease oxygen intake, as a vet we have to give oxygen treatment as soon as possible. That is why we always provide full tank of oxygen in condition if there is an emergency cases.

We provide all package for direct diagnostic for your pet. We realized that many infectious disease such as Parvovirus, distemper, leptospira, Hepatitis, parainfluenza, toxoplasma, FPV, FIV, FELV and Blood parasite test kit is a dangerious disease and hard to treat.  Those test kit will make a vet and the owner make faster and easier to make a diagnostic for your pet.

We Provide full facilities for diagnostic and surgical tool is make a reason private practice around south of bali always make our place become their referral.  Our colleague normally share their cases, complicated mayor surgery, and do all laboratorium test. We are very happy to share to our colleague to improve a quality and services for all veterinarian in Bali.

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