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Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet) Bali provide 1 consultation room which is we designed for discussion, enjoy and all psychical examination. Our consultation room are spacious and clean to ensure that your valued et will have comfortable and peaceful experience when being examine or treated by our veterinarians. Inside we provide, system computerized for medical record, 2 sofa, 1 exam table, camera, psychical exam tools and 4 side LED Light.

Our waiting area is quite comfortable and wide. We Use Air Conditioner in our waiting room and also connecting to our reception and consultation rooms.

We have enough space for 7 cars outside of our Pet Hospital. We have enough parking area.

We Have Steinless steel cage which is strong and clean for our hospital and treatment area. We separated cat and dog area. Also our hospital is isolated with another room. We provide 18 cage in our hospital area, full with all medicine and equipment for treatment.

Our Hospital is full monitored by cctv and 24 hours vet care.

We have comfortable boarding for healthy pet with Air conditioner. Of Course, We separated between dog and cat. Also there is package boarding including with bathing spa and play ground.

Emergency Room And ICU room we provide for a patient with critical condition such as hypothermia, hypoksia, bradikardia, etc. We Provide 2 incubator which is directly connected with oxygen and nebulizer mechine. Also, we have infusion pump to maintenance all fluid therapy with 24 hours vet care and service.

For more information, please contact our reception (0361) 701 408

To Support a vet to make an diagnostic, we provide in house laboratory in Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet) Bali. Our lab can do, routine blood count, Blood chemistry test, Electrocardiogram (ECG), USG, Radiography, Echocardigram, PCR Test, dermatology test.

For more information, please contact our reception (0361)701 408

Case for infectious diseases for dogs and cats is still high in Bali. Base on our patient record, we have around 500 cases of infectious diseases per year and mostly is Parvo virus. Because of that, we rebuilt and designed a new isolation room with 2 layer protection. To prevent contamination and make your pet comfortable for healing process

For more information, please contact our reception (0361) 701 408

We provide a kennel specially for a large breed.

One of our primer service is playground. That playground is the place for all patient to play, pee and pup. Play ground is open until night.

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