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Fungus Culture and Cytology Test

Fungus culture and cytology test Look look what we found? This sample was taken from ear swab. Hopefully you getting better. Ready for emergency 24 hours Dont be hesitate just contact us 08113993630

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Emergency surgey until early morning…!

Emergency surgey until early morning...! "calculi urethralis dan stone blader" in bull terrier Cystotomy and urethrostomy surgery was perform by doctor esa and doctor puja. Anasthetic was perform by doctor satya. We always open because we always give you the…

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Outdoor Activity by Drh Maria

Outdoor activity by drh maria. One of our vet was doing introducing veterinary profession in career week presentation 2016 at sekolah highscope Indonesia-Bali. Waktunya memperkenalkan profesi dokter hewan sejak dini. Thank you to mrs Kurnia for invited us to this…

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