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Welcome to Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet)Bali 24 Hours Emergency Vet Service

Kedonganan Veterinary (K-Vet) Bali is one of veterinary services with full facilities and services in Bali. The facility includes Emergency tools and room, Ambulance, Isolation room for infectious disease, healthy boarding room, hospitalization room, puppy care room, playground, etc.

The services include Sterilisation (spay and neuter), Preventive Care ( Vaccination and Deworming) , Routine Health Check up and Tick Control, Microchipping, Emergency Vet Service and Care, Radiography and Ultrasound, Hematology and Blood Chemistry Test, Minor and Mayor Surgery, Internal Medicine and Feline Medicine, Dermatology Test, Oncological surgery & Chemoterapy, Acupunctur & Herbal Medicine, Bathing Medicated For Skin Problem, PCR Test, Dental Scaling, Nebulizing and Oxygen Treatment, home care visit, Infectious disease diagnostic kit and Vet Refferals.

Our Commitment is to be your 1st Choice Veterinary Solution For Your Best Companion.

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